600 gm AND EKi Series Precision Weight Balance


Product Description

The popular AND EKi Series Precision Weight Balance 600 gm compact balance series provides a wide selection of capacities and resolutions.

This is a very popular scale for physics laboratory in Bangladesh.

Its versatile features include full digital calibration and a large LCD display with back-light.

Its small footprint, optional carrying case, and optional rechargeable NiCd battery make it convenient.

The AND Weighing Everest Balance includes large LCD display (16 mm height) with back light Control zero, mode selection and data output with standard RS-232 C.

Counting function with Automatic Counting Accuracy Improvement

Standard comparator function–HI/OK/LO annunciator

Full Digital Calibration with optional user definable mass setting.

Please note models with an asterisk are NTEP approved legal for trade, such as the EK-600i

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