-86°C ULT Freezer Upright BFUR-86-316, ESMC, Biolab, Canada


-86°C ULT Freezer Upright BFUR-86-316, Biolab, Canada

  • Series: 300
  • Model: BFUR-86-316
  • Origin: Canada,
  • Manufacturer: Biolab Scientific

Freezers designed for daily sample protection and dependability. Environment friendly with safety features, these freezers provide outstanding thermal stability for a huge amount of samples. Modify your requirements with several optional features including chart recorder, CO2 back-up system, storage racks and remote alarm system.

  • Self-cascade system with mixed-refrigerant


Preservation Of Plasma, Microbial Cultures, Tissues, Cell Lines, Clinical, Industrial, Research


  • Self-cascade system wiith mixed-refrigerant


Capacity 728 L
Temperature Range -40°C to -86°C
2ml Sample Loading 50400pcs


High &l ow temp, power failure, control error, door open, abnormal voltage, low battery, condensor clean, high ambient temperature

Alarm port USB + Remote alarm port
External Dimension 1229×1012×1994.5 mm
Optional Parts

110V transformer; Datalogger; Cold storage rack, box; LN2/CO2 backup system

Images are reference only. Actual product may be different.

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-86°C ULT Freezer Upright BFUR-86-316

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