Adult Male Pelvis, XC-123, ESMC, Xinch, China

Product Name: 
XC-123 Adult Male Pelvis
Model: XC-100 skeleton series
Categories: Pelvis skeleton models
Product No:  XC-123
Origin: China
Material:  PVC
Description: The size of this Model: is just the same as the realities and made of PVC plastic.
It shows the following:
Pelvis shapes: Long and narrow ;Pelvis cava: Like a funnel
Aperture pelvis superior: Heart-like
Sacrum: Long and narrow with great flexibility
Angles of pelvis arch:70-75 degree
Symphysis pubica: Long and narrow
Packing:  10pcs/carton,82x44x33cm,13kgs
Supplier: Elite Scientific & Meditech CO.
For details elitetradebd@gmail.com; Visit:www.elitetradebd.com
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