Advanced Artificial Abortion Simulated Uterus, XC-448, ESMC, Xinch, China

Product Name: 
XC-448 Advanced Artificial Abortion Simulated Uterus
Product No:  XC-448
Origin: China
Material:  PVC


1. Three pregnant uterus can be opened and add to simulated gestation sac;
2. Uterine dilator and curet can be inserted into cervix; can simulate curettage operation and the simulated gestation sac can be scraped;
3. With basement support and can fix the uterus in the right position.

Packing:  1pcs/carton, 38x20x28cm, 3kgs
Supplier: Elite Scientific & Meditech Co., Click for inquiry & purchase
For details elitetradebd@gmail.com; Visit:www.elitetradebd.com

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