Air jacket CO2 incubator CI-XXX-W series



Digital infrared C02 sensor with auto. Temperature compensation and auto. Zero calibration. Microprocessor digital PID control provides precise temp. Control up to 6O’C, timer alarm, auto tuning, over temp. and current protection capability ensure user safety.


  • Water Jacket type Model: CI-XXX-W series
  • Programmable controller
  • RS 485 communication interface

Available Model is as follows

  • Model: CI-50A Volume: 50L Dimension: 350x360x405
  • Model: CI-100A Volume: 100L Dimension: 450x450x500
  • Model: CI-150A Volume: 150L Dimension: 495x515x600
  • Model: CI-324A Volume: 324L Dimension: 600x600x900


Circulation Natural convection
CO2 Range: o to 20% ±0.1 ‘% at 37C
Sensor Digital NDIR sensor
Temperature Amb .+5C to +60C ±O.2: at :37C
Material Stainless steel + Powder coated steel Plate
Door Tempered safety glass & magnetic packing
Control ‘& Display Digital PID control & LED display
Safety Device


aver temp. protector, Leakage breaker & Alarm function

220VAC, 50/60H

#CI-50-A #CI-100-A #CI-150-A #CI-50-A #CI-324-A