Analog Hotplate & Magnetic Stirrer HS/MS Series

$30,000.00 – $105,000.00


🐦Take this compact magnetic stirrer anywhere you need vigorous sample stirring

🐦Or, use it in the lab and eliminate the need for cumbersome extension cords

🐦Stirrer features stepless speed control knob,ceramic coated top plate and corrosion resistant epoxy coated metal case

🐦Offered 2 models of different function each


Model HS-18 HS-30 MS-18 MS-30 HP100
Function Hotplate & Magnetic Stirrer Magnetic Stirrer Hot plate
Top Plate (WxL) 180x180mm 300x300mm 180x180mm 300x300mm 180x180mm
Heater Capacity 680W 1400W 680W
Temp. Range Max.380·C Max.350·C Max 380’C
Stirring Capacity Upto 5liter Upto 15 liter Upto 5liter Upto 15 liter Upto 5 liter
Stirring Speed 100 – 1500rpm 100 – 1300rpm 100 – 1500rpm 100 – 1300rpm
Power Source 110f220VAC,SOf60Hz
Overall (WxDxH) 200x240x105mm 310x430x120mm 200x240x105mm 310x430x120mm 200x240x105mm
Weight (Kg) 3.S 7 3 6 3
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