Analog overhead stirrer

Analog overhead stirrer_HS series


  • High speed stirring by direct driven motor
  • Smooth start and change of stirring speed
  • The height of impeller is adjustable
  • Ideal fr school, university and test laboratory
  • Supplier in Bangladesh; Elite Scientific & Meditech Co
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Model HS 5OA HS 120A
Stirring Quantity (H2O) Max. 1oLit Max.20Lit.
Motor Rating 83/75 W l30/120W
Speed Range 0-3.000 rpm
Maximum Torque 80 Ncm 145 Ncm
Maximum Viscosity 10000 mPa 50000 mPa
Max. Shaft Diameter 10mm
Temp. Range 0C-40C
Power Source 220VAC.50/60Hz
Overall (WxOxH) 350x550x250mm
Weight  (Kg) 4.5 5.3

Options : Impeller