Analogue Torque Tester

Product Details:
Torque Range 20 Lbs-inch
Least Count 1 Lbs-inch
Max T orque Range 20 lb-inch
Minimum Diameter for specimen holding 30 mm
Maximum Diameter for specimen holding 110 mm
Max size of test bottles to be tested 2.5 litres
Automation Grade Automatic
Product Type Torque Tester
Brand Prestro
Material Mild steel
Application Industrial Use


  • Torque Tester finding suitability in working lab environment
  • Suitable for checking opening & closing torque of bottle caps in beverage, pharmaceutical companies, drinking mineral water processing units
  • Comes with suitable bottle/jar adjustable mechanism that allows accommodation of bottles/jars of different diameters


  • Water plants
  • Beverage plants
  • Pharmaceutical sector
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