Operation and handling

A moisture meter has to be easy to use, and what could be simpler than
just selecting the product to be analyzed and then pouring the sample into the instrument?

At Perten Instruments we have always taken pride in developing analyzers that are so easy to use that they can be used confidently by non-technical personnel. The Aquamatic 5200 follows the tradition and can be used by anyone after just a 1-minute introduction. Three simple steps is all it takes.

Select grain type on the touch screen Pour the sample. The analysis will start automatically. After ten seconds the results are displayed on the screen, and you can emtpy the sample box.
Easy To Use

The Aquamatic 5200, like all Perten models, was designed to be easy to use. As seasonal workers are often used at grain receivals, it’s important that the equipment they use is as simple to operate as possible. This decreases introduction and training time, and minimizes handling errors.

Printing results

For an immediate receipt of results, the Aquamatic 5200 can be equipped with an optional ticket printer.

Data Transfer

The Aquamatic 5200 can be connected to a computer for easy transfer of analytical results into business systems or office applications. You can either collect analytical results in real-time into a LIMS, or download results from the internal memory to a USB memory stick at your convenience.