Arsenic test kit, HACH, USA


Arsenic Test Kit, 0-500 Ppb, 100 Tests,HACH, USA

Contains mercury. Dispose of according to local, state and federal regulations. No lab analysis needed – detect arsenic levels in the field to comply with the new EPA arsenic rule Reliable test strip method recovers 100% of inorganic arsenic in water samples About Arsenic: Arsenic is an element that occurs naturally in the earth’ s crust. The weathering of rocks and erosion can deposit arsenic in water bodies. Exposure to arsenic at high levels poses serious health effects as it is a known human carcinogen. Hach’ s Arsenic Test Kits can measure below 10 parts per billion of arsenic. Parameter Range Steps ( ppb) Number of Tests Arsenic 0-500 ppb 0, 10, 30, 50, 70, 300, 500 ppb 100 ( Low Range) Test Kit includes: Reagents for 100 tests Reaction vessel Test strips Comparison chart Rugged carrying case Hach currently offers two arsenic test kits. The two kits differ in range, complexity, price, and performance: Our Low Range Kit ( Cat. # 2800000) has a range up to 500 ppb and is best for samples containing sulfide or arsenic-iron particles. It has excellent recovery of As+ 5 ( 100% ) and can measure organic arsenic with optional steps. The EZ Arsenic Kit ( Cat. # 2822800) has a range up to 4000 ppb, takes fewer steps, and is more economical. However, the high-range kit recovers only 90% of inorganic As+ 5, and has no option for measuring organic arsenic.