Asphalt content oven (Asphalt ignition furnace) (ASTM D6307, AASHTO T308)

Asphalt content oven _ASTM D6307, AASHTO T308


Asphalt content oven (Asphalt ignition furnace) (ASTM D6307, AASHTO T308)

Bitumen Bituminous Mix Testing

EIE evolved as a trailblazer in manufacturing industry and designing comprehensive range of testing equipments as per various business requirements. We are well equipped with all modern facilities necessary for designing testing equipments that makes us pioneer in manufacturing industry. Combining skills and quality together, we at EIE continue to offer best range of testing instruments and equipments at most affordable prices.

Testing & Molding the Bitumen/Bituminous mix for better ways

Earth has plenty of jewels and pearls in her lap; bitumen is also one of them. It is usually considered as one of the primary ingredients for constructing highways, roads and buildings. The strength, bonding, shock absorbent power, smoothness and many other similar properties of earth is due to bitumen content, which is spreaded with its well calculated mix material throughout the pavement. If mix is designed properly then it assures robust & classic highways. At this juncture, we at EIE, humbly present our wide range of bitumen testing equipments, asphalt testing instruments, aggregate testing equipments to lessen your burden of creating progressive and prosperous nation.

EIE’s comprehensive range of bitumen testing equipments, asphalt testing instruments comprises of Ductility testing machine, Rolling thin film oven, Bitumen penetrometer, Kinematic viscosity bath, Marshall stability test apparatus, Automatic marshal compactor, waterbath for penetration test etc.

Compliance Standards


Salient Features

  • Aesthetic exterior appearance
  • Reliable and sturdy construction
  • Reduces testing time and cost
  • Eliminates exposure to harmful solvents (Environmental friendly operation)
  • Fully automatic test cycle, which frees technician for other tasks.
  • Magnetic door lock system to avoid sudden accident
  • Integrated weighing system monitors sample weight with high precision
  • Automatic printout of test result at end of test
  • 7” Touch screen HMI & PLC Controller
  • Allows easy navigation of parameter setting, Debugging and Calibration

Technical Specifications

Max weight of specimen 4500 gms
Commendatory weight of specimen 1000-1500 gms
Capacity of balance 10 kg
Precision of balance 0.1 gms
Chamber dimensions 350 x 440 x 350 mm (W x H x D)
Max working temp of chamber 800 °C
Standard working temp 538 °C with tern compensating
Testing Time 75-85 minutes
Power supply AC 220 V ± 10%, 50 Hz
Current draw 32 amps max

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