ASTM grade Length gauge (Wood & MS), ESMC, Bangladesh


Length gauge for aggregate Price in Bangladesh

  • Standard: ASTM grade
  • application: aggregate
  • Material: Wood, MS
  • country of origin: India


Length gauge in Bangladesh

Length Gauge (Elongation Index BS) – General and Geometric …

the function of length gauge
Length gauges are measuring devices used to find the length to a surface from a fixed point.

It implements a retractable rod and sensitive contact tip.

The test is not applicable to material passing a 6.30mm sieve or retained on a 50.0mm sieve.
Procedure: Carry out a sieve analysis using the sieves shown in
Table 1.

Discard all aggregate retained on the 50.0mm sieve and passing the 6.30mm sieve.
Weigh and store the individual size-fractions in separate trays with sizes marked on the trays.

Images are reference only. Actual product may be different.

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