Auto Blot System (Western Blot System), XD236, ESMC, BIOBASE, China

Auto Blot System (Western Blot System)
  • Model: XD236
  • Brand: BIOBASE
  • Product origin: CHINA

XD236 is an intelligent automatic Western Blot instrument that delivers automated operation for Western blotting membrane strip experiment. XD236 Auto blot can satisfy Western blotting kits’ demands for experiment conditions, such as temperature, incubation time, liquid dispensing volume and so on.


  1. Automatic running, large LCD screen.
  2. Cultivation temperature selection: Room temperature. 25°C,30°C,37°C, 42°C.
  3. 38+2 programs can be programmed which is flexible, convenient and long-term preservation.
  4. 36 reagent strips can be tested at the same time.
  5. Unique design negative pressure suction nozzle. Ensure that the instrument has no cross infection.
  6. Automatic cleaning function: each strip can be cleaned as needed.
  7. Position function: the arm has the adding/absorbing solution and location check function.
  8. Pump can be automatically corrected of the liquid adding error under the control of the computer, and the quantitative correction function of the liquid pump.
  9. Safety protection for operators is provided by fully closed piping system.
  10. The program can be locked and unlocked.
  11. Alarm function: Alarm can be set by adding reagent, substrate, waste liquid overflow and at the end of the test.
  12. Setting functions: set up pump name, project locked or unlocked, inquirys, insertion and deletion, etc.

Technical Parameter:

Model XD236
Test Strip Capacity 1-36 or 1-30 strip
Programming Capacity ≥ 38+2 (fixed procedure)
Number of Programmable Steps 20 steps* 6 working phases
Liquid Dispensation System Standard 6-channel pumps liquid dispensing system
Pump Dispensing Range / Increment 250μl ~ 3000μl, 1μl increment
Accuracy of The Pump Dispensing ±3.0% (dispensing volume 2000μl )
Precision of The Pump Dispensing CV ≤ 5.0% (dispensing volume 2000μl)
Quantitative Correction Quantitative correction
Incubation Time / Increment 0~24 hours / 1 min increment; can be recycled
Incubation Time Display Hours, minutes and seconds
Shaking Speed 3 gear optional
Temperature Control of Shaker Accuracy ± 1.5 ℃, Fluctuation ≤ 0.2 ℃ at 37 ℃;

Accuracy ± 1.5 ℃, Fluctuation ≤ 0.25 ℃ at 30 ℃ or 25 ℃

Display Dot matrix LCD with backlight
Communication RS232 Interface, Baud 9600, Data bit 8, stop bit 1, parity check: NO
Alarming Alarms for reagents dispensing, waste overflow, work ending etc.
Cleaning Automatic rinsing when necessary
Reagent Bottle Capacity 200ml *5
Wash Bottle Capacity 1000 ml* 1
Waste Bottle Capacity 2000ml*1 (airtight negative-pressure liquid waste bottle)
Cross Contamination When negative and positive samples are tested in turn, the negative samples should not show positive bands
Working Condition Indoor use, altitude ≤ 3000m, 5~40 ℃, RH ≤ 80% at temperature < 31 ℃
Power Supply 110~240V, 50/60Hz, 250VA
External Size(W*D*H) 630*500*400mm
Packed Size(W*D*H) 840*630*840mm
Net weight 33kg
Gross weight 70kg

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Auto Blot System (Western Blot System)
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