Automatic Chemiluminescence Gel Imaging System BK-ACGK Series, ESMC, BIOBASE, China

Automatic Chemiluminescence Gel Imaging System BK-ACG600 & BK-ACG900
  • Model: BK-ACG600/BK-ACG900
  • Brand: BIOBASE
  • Product origin: CHINA


  • Nucleic acid detection: EB, SYBRGold, SYBRGreen, SYBRSafe, GelRed, GelGreen, Fluorescein.
  • Protein test:Silver dyeing, SDS-page, Visible light imaging.
    Luminescence detection: Western Blot.Western Lightning, ECL, ECLplus


  • Fully automatic control of the lens and light source
  • Precise automatic exposure in calculate, no need to repeat calculation the exposure time One
  • button shooting, marker and chemiluminescence image automatic stacking
  • Cryogenic scientific research ultrasensitive CCD camera, wide aperture Lens

Technical Parameters

Model BK-ACG600 BK-ACG900
Camera Resolution 6.0MP 9.1MP
Cooling Temperature -65℃
Photosensitive Efficiency >75% >79%
Pixel Size 4.54*4.54um
Exposure Time 1ms-120min
Pixel Density 16 Bits (0-65535)
OD ≥4.8OD
Lens Standard: F=0.95, 25mm; optional: F=0.8,25mm
UV Transmission LED 312nm, optional 470nm transmitted blue light
White Light Reflection LED reflection (cold light)
Filter Standard 590nm, other optional
Shooting Area 16×14cm
Timer Shut Down 1-60min
Power Supply Standard: 220V 50Hz, Optional: 110V 60Hz(internal transformer)
Packing Size 490*515*845mm
Gross Weight 40kg

Images are reference only. Actual product may be different.

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Automatic Chemiluminescence Gel Imaging System
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