Distillation unit

Automatic steam distillation unit, Behr S4
Automatic steam distillation unit automatic feeding of NaOH, H2O and H3BO4, Behr S4

Behr automatic steam distillation units ensure high productivity and reliability in daily operation.
The Behr S series automatic steam distillation units are the optimal addition to a digestor for Kjldahl nitrogen analysis.
Depending on the need, you can choose one of five steam units. Their basic design is identical, they differ only in the degree of comfort and automation.
All steam distillation units are equipped with:
– A safety switch as a main switch that automatically trips in the event of a reset and short circuit
– A mechanical safety valve to protect against excessive pressure in the
steam generator – A vessel monitoring device
– A door switch that automatically shuts off the distiller when the door
is opened – A resettable thermostat to prevent overheating
– A pneumatic switch to control the cooling circuit
– A temperature-dependent steam heating phase and a magnetic valve for pressure control
Features of the Behr S4 automatic steam distillation unit:
– Maximum safety and reliability
– Robust polyurethane housing, insensitive to external influences
– Distillation time approx. 3 minutes per sample
– Detection limit 0.2 mg N
– Re-detection rate> 99.5%
– Reproducibility +/- 1%
– Adjustable steam output 40-100%
– One-button control system
– Programmable reaction time
– Programmable distillation time
– USB port
– Fill level control for a set of canisters
– Automatic aspiration of sample residues
Technical characteristics of the automatic steam distillation unit Behr S4:
– Voltage: 230 V
– Frequency: 50/60 Hz
– Power: 1700 W
– Consumption of coolant: 5 l / min
– Distillation time: 2-4 min. for sample
– Spare tank: KAS 20
– Port: USB
– Programs: 100
– Dimensions (WxHxD): 41×67.5×41
– Weight: 35 kg
– Titrator connection: no
Equipping the Behr S4 automatic steam distillation unit:
– Automatic addition of H2O: yes
– Automatic addition of NaOH: yes
– Automatic addition of H3BO2: yes
– Manual addition of H2O: yes
– Manual addition of NaOH: yes
– Manual addition of H3BO2: yes
– Automatic aspiration of sample residues: yes
– Number of programs: 99
– Possibility of connecting to a titrator: no


Canister set Behr KAS 40, 4 canisters, 20l each

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