Automatic Thermogravimetric Analyzer


Automatic Thermogravimetric Analyzer LTGA-A10 is a high performance, efficient unit designed to study thermal stability of materials and its allied components. It offers a resolution of 0.1 ºC and works between temperature range of room temperature to 1000 ºC. Operates in an inert, oxidizing, reducible, static and dynamic atmosphere and possess two-way gas and control flow volume.


  • LCD display
  • Two-way gas and control flow volume
  • Built-in gas flow meter
  • Temperature control mode: Rising temperature, Cooling temperature, Constant temperature
  • Software to record TG curves automatically
  • Data processing and print data results
  • RS232 interface


Temperature range Room temperature to 1000 ºC
Temperature resolution 0.1 ºC
Temperature fluctuation ±0.1 ºC
Heating rate 1 ~ 80 ºC / min
Cooling time 15min  (1000ºC ~ 100ºC)
 Balance measuring range 1mg~2g  (Can be extended to 30g)
 Resolution 0.1 u g
Constant temperature and time 0 ~ 300min (set arbitrarily)
Atmosphere Inert, oxidizing, reducible, static and dynamic
Power AC220V, 50Hz
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