Fully automatic tester Automax SMART line



  • PC control option
    When connected to PC, the system is fully computerized and controlled by the Data Manager software
  • Accurate load rate control for quality testing
    An accurate and constant load rate application without large fluctuations (typically 10% of the pre-set value) not only guarantees testing to Standards and reliability of results, but also allows the test to be performed by operators who do not have experience.
  • The advantage of the test automation.
    The test cycle with closed loop digital feedback is automatically performed by simply pressing the start button. The load-time graph and the actual load rate are displayed in real time during the test. Correct test execution according to the selected Standard, is continuously and automatically controlled.
  • Energy Saving test system
    “ES technology” features accurate oil flow control, conforming to Standards, resulting in no oil dispersion, silent operation, cold oil temperature and low energy consumption  (save over 30% compared to traditional systems).
  • High flexibility: can control testing frames from 100 to 5000 kN
    AUTOMAX  can fit all our compression and flexural testing frames performing accurate and reliable tests also for low strength results. It can also be used for other make compatible hydraulic compression and flexural frames
  • Third frame control option
    AUTOMAX can be upgraded, as option, with distributor block for the non simultaneous control of a third frame as, for example, Flexural testing frame and Cement compression frame. Active frame selection is made via the display/software.An ideal and economical solution to the automation of the most important tests on concrete and cement specimens.
  • Recording facility of up to 10 test profiles for each channel allowing quick and easy test start
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