Bearing plate test apparatus

  • Multiple testing configurations complying with international Standard and fulfilling any customer’s need
  • 3 capacities: 100, 200 and 500 kN
  • Analogue, digital or electronic readings matching all budgets
  • Analogue version with 200 mm dia. triple scale manometer:  force (kN), oil pressure (Bar) and specific load (MN/m2)
  • Digital version with digital read out unit featuring wide graphic display, rechargeable battery and built-in pressure transducer
  • Electronic version with pressure and displacement transducers connected to high performing DATALOG8 logger
  • Dual flow manual hand pump with flexible hydraulic hose 3 meters long
  • Loading jack with 2 spherical seats (the upper is magnetic for simplifying the test execution)
  • Measuring bridge made in aluminium alloy, lightweight, transportable and easy to assembly
  • Complete hydraulic assembly housed in a hard plastic wheeled carrying case