Beating & Freeness Tester, PE-9257, Premier

Beating & Freeness Tester, PE-9257, Premier



The Shopper Reigler Type Beating & Freeness Tester measure the drainage capacity of between pulps is universally used to check the progress of beating process

The Shopper Reigler Type Beating & Freeness Tester (Pneumatic Model) measure the drainage of beaten a pulp suspension and expressed as SR number. Pneumatic arrangement ensures a constant lifting rate for the sealing cone.


Sample                                : 2g.

Oven Dried Consistency : 0.2%

Reproducibility               : approximate 1° SR

All parts in contact with pulp are made of none corrosive material Plexiglass measuring cylinder 100 Sec. with double graduation on CCM and °SR. Calibrated Nozzle and screen plate container grip enabling easy removal for cleaning. Standard wire meshes fixing and removing attachment. Semi- Automatic sealing cone lifting arrangement. Nozzle calibrated according to ³SR standard. Complies with SCAN standard C19


Pulp Sample consistency            : 0. 20%

Pulp Temperature adjusted at  : 20°C +/- 0.0.5°C

Reproducibility                            : 1° SR

Material                                         : All part in contact with pulp are made of non corrosive material.

Pulp Volume                                 : 1000 ml.

Graduation on the discharge

collecting cylinder                       : °SR (1000 ml correspond to 0 ° SR 0 ml correspond to 100° SR)

Automatic sealing cone lifting

arraignment Complies with      : ISO 5267/1, SCAN C 19:65

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