Bench Top Autoclave, S Series, ESMC, Humanlab, Korea

Bench Top Autoclave, Humanlab, Korea


  • Automatic temperature control system offer more stable and reliable sterilization service.
  • 3 patterns programs are set-up in microprocessor control system. Just push selecting button
  • Before operation, self-test mode diagnose whether the function is good work. And when the malfunction occur in the operating,
  • self-test mode beep, display ‘ER’ and ‘NUMBER’ and stop all the function in the same time. – FASE (Fully Automatic Steam Ejection) system used the hot air, dry completely.
  • Safety valve prevents occurring over pressure in chamber, thermostat prevents occurring overheating and normal open
  • solenoid valve makes equal the pressure of chamber and atmosphere.
  • The pressure displays the present state in analog. Sterilizing process(Lock, Fill, Heat, Ster, Vent, Dry, Vent) displays cycle lamp.


Model S200 S410 S600
Capacity 22 liter 43 liter 63 liter
Chamber size (mm) Dia.250x450L 31 OWx31 OBx450L Dia.350x650L
Chamber shape Cylindrical Rectangular Cylindrical
Reservoir 5 liter 5 liter 7 liter
Tray (WxBxH) 3 no’s x 214x30x443 mm 3 no’s x 300x50x410 mm Option (252x50x61 0) mm
Heater 1.5 Kw 2.2Kw 2.7Kw
Sterilizing 110 to 13S’C
Material Chamber Stainless steel
Body Epoxy power coated steel sheet
Tray Stainless steel
Door locking Mechanical Cam
Dry system Fully automatic steam ejector
Safety device Safety valve, Thermostat, N/O solenoid valve
Control & display Pre-programed microprocessor control & digital LED display
Power source 220VAC,50/60Hz,singie phase
Overall (WxDxH) SOOx370x640 mm 580x430x640 mm 620x480x840 mm
Weight (Kg) 55 76 95
Options Cart (H=7S0mm)

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Bench Top Autoclave
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