Benchtop High Speed Centrifuge H3-20K series


Key Features:

◎Medium footprint, good compatibility, suitable for medium and small sized multi-functional experiments

◎controlled by computer, AC frequency variable motor drive

◎Multi-color LCD display, user-friendly, clearer and more direct display.

◎User able to set RPM, timing, RCF and acceleration/deceleration mode according to experiment requirement

◎automatic calculation and simultaneous display of RCF/RPM.

◎10 types of accelerating/decelerating control, 15 groups of programming space, user able to program and call program freely

◎automatic calculation,adjustment, conversion and simultaneous display of RCF/RPM,

◎With electronic door lock, protection against over speed and imbalance, enhanced safety

◎with rotor of multiple capacity, suitable for multiple requirement for experiments

Overall Specifications

 Max RPM   20000rpm Rotor Diameter φ320mm
 Max RCF 26800×g Noise Level < 60dB(A)
Capacity 4×100ml Inner Dimensions 440×360×330mm
Timer 1min~99min Outer Dimensions 510×460×460mm
Revolutions/min ±20r/min // Without rotor 30kg
Voltage AC 220±22V 50Hz 10A With Rotor 35kg
Power 450W / /
Rotor No Capacity MAX RPM/MAX RCF
Rotor 1 12×1.5ml 20000rpm/26800×g
2 16×1.5/2.2ml 18000rpm/23900×g
3 18×0.5ml 16500rpm/17000×g
4 10×5ml 16000rpm/ 17420×g
5 24×1.5/2.2ml 15000rpm/21532×g
6 12×10ml 14000rpm/19640×g
7 2×8×0.2ml PCR 13500rpm/13880×g
8 6×50ml/round bottom 13000rpm/17940×g
9 6×50ml/sharp bottom 12000rpm/15450×g
10 8×50ml 11000rpm/13450×g
11 12×15ml 10000rpm/9690×g
12 4×100ml 10000rpm/9690×g
Bucket 13 16×10ml 4200rpm/3100×g
Enzyme labelled plate rotor  



2×2×48 wells 4200rpm/1900×g
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