Biosafety Cabinet Class II type


Biosafety Class II Cabinet

Brand: Taisite

Origin: USA

Assemble in China


  • Class II Biosafety cabinet, air flow mode; 100% air exhaust;
  • It conforms to nsf49 and en12469 standards;
  • LCD screen can display the working area temperature, air flow rate, service life of the filter membrane and the password settings to prevent misoperation.
  • Equipped with filter failure alarm, fan overload alarm, height limit (200mm), When the fluctuation of downflow velocity and inflow velocity exceeds 20% of nominal value, the interlocking system will start alarm;
  • With UV appointment timing function.
  • The front window can be positioned in any position, and can be completely closed for sterilization, material use toughened glass more than 6mm.
  • Interlock design of front window and UV lamp; when the front window is opened, the UV lamp is off.
  • Parameter memory functions after power failure.
  • 10° tilt design, meet the ergonomics design.
  • Equipped with waterproof socket, the whole machine has power-off protection function.


Model/Parameter BSC-1200 II B2 BSC-1500 II B2 BSC-1800 II B2
Cleanliness grade HEPA:ISO level 5 [Class 100 of 100] / ULPA: ISO level 4 [Class 10 of 10]
Filter level/efficiency HEPA: ≥99.995%, @0.3µm/ULPA:≥99.999%, @0.12µm
Descent wind speed 0.33m/s
Suction air speed 0.53m/s II
Noise ≤65db
Vibration half peak ≤5µm
Power/maximum power consumption AC 220V/50Hz/1Kw
Biosafety personnel protection CFU of all impact samplers ≤10, CFU of slit samplers ≤5
Product protection CFU of all impact sampling dishes ≤ 5
Cross contamination protection CFU of all culture dishes ≤2
Overall dimension of device 1165x760x2200mm 1465x760x2200mm 1765x760x2200mm
Work space size 1000x520x640mm 1300x520x640mm 1600x520x640mm
Specification of air supply filter 990x470x70*1 1290x470x70*1 1590x470x70*1
Specification of exhaust air filter 650x450x90*1 830x450x90*1 1130x450x90*1
Lamp/UV lamp 30W*2/30W*1 40W*2/40W*1
Illuminance ≥900LX
Weight 240Kg 270Kg 300Kg
Applicable operator 1 Person 1-2 Person 2-3 Person
Wind direction Top out
Product categories Safety cabinet
Local distributor Elite Scientific and Meditech Co
For more details Visit : www.elitetradebd.com, E-mail:elitetradebd@gmail.com

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