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Blood microscope _ESMC, Humanlab, Korea

Blood microscope, CSB-H3A & NSB-50T


  • This blood microscope is very suitable to observe blood cell at the laboratory
  • High performance phase contrast and high quality image
  • Connectable personal computer and television monitor


Model CSB-H3A NSB-50T
Head Trinocular head, Interpupillary range: 55-77mm
Magnification 40X-1000X
Eyepiece WF 10X/20(paired)
Objective Infinity achromatic 4X, 10X, 100X(Spring, Oil), Phase control S-Micro 40X/0.65
Nosepiece Reserved quadruple nosepiece, Click-stop of each objectives
Stage Mechanical, Size: 120x120mm

X/Y movement range: 60x30mm

Coaxial control by right hard side

Mechanical, size: 140x140mm

X/Y movement range:75x50mm

Coaxial control by right hard side

Condenser Turret type: Phase contrast 40X, Bright field, Dark field
Illuminator 6V/20W halogen lamp, regular collector with field diaphram

On/Off switch and intensity controller

Input power: AC 220V 60Hz

CCD Camera CCD color camera, C-mount adaptor, DC12V power
Accessories Aluminium Carrying case, Spare lamp, Vynil cover Spare lamp, Vynil cover
Supplier Elite Scientific & Meditech Co.
Visit us www.elitetradebd.com

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Blood Microscope
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