Carbonation test chamber



Suitable for testing the durability of concretes or building materials under constant temperature, humidity and CO2 concentration, which is a special apparatus for carbonation test of concretes.

Salient Features

  • Double wall construction
  • Interior fabricated from high grade stainless steel (S.S.304).
  • Exterior body made of Mild steel material which is duly powder coated in attractive shades
  • Double walled metal door with sponge type silicon gasket for air tight sealing
  • Chamber illumination is accomplished by Fluorescent light with door switch.
  • User friendly and tactfully designed chamber door and locking mechanism
  • Equipped with Digital controller and Imported Temp, RH & CO2 Sensors
  • Humidity generation by steam injection method
  • Uniformity is maintained by quiet running blower.
  • Hermetically sealed compressor CFC free compressor (134 A gas) coupled with evaporation coil and condenser.
  • Removable perforated trays to facilitate better air circulation through samples
  • Microprocessor based Digital Auto Tune PID temperature and direct RH digital controller.
  • CO2 Indicator with imported CO2 Sensor
  • Electrical wiring as per CE Compliances
  • Aesthetic outer appearance and high quality

Safety Features

  • High temperature safety cut off
  • Low water level boiler cut off
  • Electrical overload cut off
  • Time delay for compressor switch ON
  • Electrical circuit breaker

Technical Specifications

Construction Sandwich type
Inner chamber Stainless steel S.S. – 304 Grade
Exterior body Mild steel
Paint Powder coating in attractive shades
Thermal insulation 75mm to prevent thermal loss
Chamber Dimension 600 mm X 600mm X 600mm
Chamber Volume 200 liter
Optimum Performance with 150 kg of Concrete load
Temperature range 5°C above Ambient to 60°C.
Humidity range Ambient to 80% RH (Maximum carbonation takes place between 40% RH to 80% RH )
CO2 Concentration Atmosphere concentration to 4.5% with accuracy 0.01% (Maximum solubility of CO2 in water is 4%)
Controller Digital PID Temp & RH Controller

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