Muffle Furnaces up to 1400 °C L, LT 5/14 – L, LT 15/14, 5L to 15L, ESMC, Nabertherm, Germany


Muffle Furnaces up to 1400 °C L, LT 5/14 – L, LT 15/14, 5L to 15L, Nabertherm, Germany Model: L, LT/14 Series Volume: 5L to 15L Brand: Nabertherm Country of Origin: Germany Country of Manufacture: Germany Muffle Furnaces up to 1400 °C L, LT 5/14 – L, LT 15/14, 5L to 15L, Nabertherm, Germany Heating elements on…

IPA/Isopropyl Alcohol, ESMC, LG, Korea


Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) Brand: LG Origin: Korea Pack size: 160 kg/208L Product Description:- Usage/Application: Gasoline Additive Density: 0.786 g/cm3 (20 ºC) Melting Point: -89 ºC Boiling Point: 82.6 ºC Chemical formula: C3H8O Content: ≥ 99% Packing: 160 kg / drum Made in Korea Other names: 2-Propanol; IPA; Propan-2-ol; Isopropanol Application field: Solvent Producing paint You…

Eosin Methylene Blue (EMB) Agar, Hi-Media, India


Eosin Methylene Blue (EMB) Agar Description Hi-Media EMB (Eosin Methylene Blue) Agar 500g for Microbiology Recommended for differential isolation of Gram-negative enteric bacilli from clinical and non-clinical specimens. Ingredients Grams/Liter Peptone 10.000 Dipotassium hydrogen phosphate 2.000 Lactose 5.000 Saccharose (Sucrose) 5.000 Eosin – Y 0.400 Methylene blue 0.065 Agar 13.500 Final pH ( at 25°C)…

Daejung Chemical ESMC, Korea


Daejung Chemical & Metals Co., Ltd Over the past half century, all executives and staff members of Daejeong Chemical and Gold have been constantly running for customer satisfaction and impression with the best quality and credit. In the future, Daejung Chemicals will be reborn and leap forward by practicing the values ​​of “customer respect, environment first, open…

Fluid Thioglycollate HiCynth Medium -MCD009, 500G, HIMEDIA


Fluid Thioglycollate HiCynth Medium -MCD009-500G, HIMEDIA Fluid Thioglycollate HiCynth Medium -MCD009 Brand: HIMEDIA Catalog No.: MCD009-500G Quantity/Unit: 500gm/Pack Description: Fluid Thioglycollate HiCynth Medium (Thioglycollate HiCynth Medium, Fluid) is supplied by the company, HIMEDIA. This Fluid Thioglycollate HiCynth Mediumis employed for sterility testing of biologicals and for cultivation of anaerobes, aerobes and microaerophiles Product features: Appearance: Cream to yellow…

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