Leather Hand Gloves for Welding, Heatpoorf, ESMC, China


Leather Hand Gloves Hitpoorf, China Brand: China Size: Standard Martials: heatpoorf Made in: China Packing 1 Pair Description We do imports LEATHER HAND GLOVES FOR WELDING item Material: Leather Perfect design Length: 13inch High Strength – Super fire resistant and high heat proof, this glove will be your perfect hand protector. Heavy and Thick Design….

Comfit Surgical Hand Gloves Powdered 1 Pair, ESMC, Comfit, Malaysia


Surgical Hand Gloves Powdered 1 Pair, Comfit, Malaysia Brand: Comfit Made in Malaysia Packing 1 Pair Product: Surgical Hand Gloves Description This is the Comfit Surgical Hand Gloves Pair Powdered Latex Hand Gloves Manufactured in Malaysian. This product is made from natural rubber and it is fully sterile gloves. Natural rubber latex, powdered, sterile, as…

Disposable Polyethylene Hand Gloves 100 Pc, ESMC, Bangladesh


Polyethylene Hand Gloves, Onetime use Pack Size: 100 Pcs (50 Pair) Per Pack Brand: Local Made in Bangladesh Description Best for One-time Use. Lightweight and durable. Product from Vergin Polyethylene. Very Chief price Disposable Poly Gloves. Polyethylene Hand Protection Gloves for Safety and General Work. It can useable in Laboratory, Food Industries, Chemical industries. Images…

Hand Gloves for multiple use, Blue Color, 1 Pair, ESMC, Malaysia


Multipurpose Rubber Hand Gloves 1 Pair Made in Malaysia Color: Blue Packing 1 Pair Made of natural rubber latex. Description Product Type: Industrial Safety Hand Gloves. Material: Contains highly natural rubber. High resistance to water-based chemicals. Industrial protective gloves. A general-purpose industrial glove. Comfortable and sensitive natural rubber latex glove still withstands rough treatment. waterproof,…

Disposable Vinyl Hand Gloves Powder Free, Small, 100 Pcs Box, ESMC, China


PE Powder free Disposable Vinyl Hand Gloves, 100 Pcs Per Packet China Material: PVC polyvinyl chloride pastes resin, Grade: FPC DNV2P Grade: Industrial, Food grade Thickness-single wall: ≥0.08 mm Elongation at break (%): ≥320 Tensile Strength (Mpa): ≥14 Force at break (N): ≥6 Packaging: 100 pcs in Box Size: XS, S, M, L, XL 9…

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