Burette clamp Polypropylene double for laboratory use Polylab


Fisher clamp or Burrette Clamp (Double) Brand: PolyLab Origin: India Face: Double Material: Polypropylene Fisher double Burette Clamps, Polypropylene  Code Particulars 45101 Fisher Clamp – Single 45102 Fisher Clamp – Double These Clamps are molded in Polypropylene making it completely corrosion-proof. The spring-loaded jack in the middle provides a vice-like grip to the burette and…

Stress Analyze Meter – WYL-2, China


Characteristics Quick and large amount of test by means of measuring double reflection generated by internal stress of transparent materials. Widely used in the fields of optical glasses, glass products and transparent plastic products. Specifications Measurement range: ≤560nm Optical-path-difference of l retardation plate: 560nm Table glass diameter:∮150mm able glass diameter:∮220mm Overall dimensions: 510mm×135mm×250mm…

Bottle Tilt Tester


Specifications: Stainless steel frame Control and setting by touch screen Tilt angle adjustable Tilt speed adjustable Adjustable bar to install up to 10 bottles Falls automatic detection Recuperation drawer Liquid compatible 220/110 V 50-60Hz CE marked Dimensions : On request…

Can Opener


Technical Specifications Sample can diameter: 40-300 mm 3-piece cans…

End Curl Diameter Gauge


Technical specifications: Measuring range: Φ50-Φ110 mm Resolution: 0.01 mm Accuracy: ±0.01 mm Sample End Type: 113# – 401# (larger by order) Overall size: 265(L) x 80(W) x 195(H) mm Net weight: 2 kg…

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