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Leakage and Seal Strength Tester


ASTM F1140, ASTM F2054, ISO 11607-1, ISO 11607-2 Qualitest Leakage Tester QT-LT-P tests the hermetic seal quality, strength, joint/disengaging force, performance, compression and burst resistance of packaging bags, bottles, flexible packages, cans covers etc., used in food industries, beverage, pharmaceuticals, and personal care and so on. These test methods provide rapid means of evaluating tendencies…

Conical Bending Mandrel


Product Details: Sample Thickness 0.8 Diameter of Conical Rod 3.1mm and 38 mm Length of Conical Rod 8 Inch Outer Body Construction Mild Steel Chrome Plated Product Type Bending Mandrel Brand Prestro Conical Bending mandrel is a lab testing apparatus which is used to bend the coated metal substrates over a mandrel of a cone…

Puncture Resistance Tester


Product Details: Controls Digital Preset Cycle counter Power 220V, 50Hz, Single Phase Release angle of Pendulum 90degree Display Type Analog Display Digital (LCD) Grade Manual Usage Industrial Material Mild Steel Puncture Resistance Tester is a consistent tool used to determine the resistance to puncture of paper and paperboard. Puncture Resistance Tester is used to measure…

Scuff Resistance Tester


Product Details: Weight on Sample 2psi Controls: Digital Preset Cycle counter. Counter 4- digit Digital Preset type Least Count of Counter: 1 Rotational Speed 60 rpm Lower Motor capacity 1/4 HP Display: Digital (LED) Yes Safety Lock: With upper clamp Sample Preparation templates: 3 Description Scuff Resistance Tester is a unique test instrument to determine…

Tearing Strength Tester


Product Details: Power Source Electric Force for Pendulum 1600, 3200 & 6400 gm force Constant Radius of Tear 38 mm Unit Scale range 0 -100% Slit Size 20 mm Calibration Check weight At 1600gf, at 3200gf, at 6400gf Brand Prestro Material cast Iron Grade Semi-Automatic Display Type Digital Supply AC Tearing Strength Tester is a…