Tensile Strength tester (Electronic), Premier


Overview Tensile strength: The maximum tensile force developed in a test specimen before rupture on a tensile test carried to rupture under prescribed conditions. Tensile strength is the force per unit width of teste specimen. Tensile index:The tensile strength in N/m divided by gramage Stretch at rupture:The maximum tensile strain developed in the test specimen…

CY305 Smoothness Tester, Premier


Information CY305 Smoothness Tester is the Bekk type smoothness tester. It uses high-performance microcomputer, high-precision sensors, original binding oil-free vacuum pump imported from Germany and professional manufacturing vacuum volume and solenoid valve. Realize the rapid measurement of mercury-free. And it is applied to measure surface smoothness of paper and board and it is the ideal…

Smoothness / Roughness and Porosity Tester (Bendtsen Type), Premier


Overview Roughness of paper or similar material is defined as the volume of air that forced by a specified pressure difference escapes in unit time by passing between the surface of the specimen and flat metal ring resting on a specimen and exerting a definite pressure on it. A sample is placed on a perfect…

Consistency determination apparatus, Premier


Overview The freeness of pulp is designed to give a measure of the rate at which a dilute suspension of pulp (3 g of pulp in 1 L of water) may be drained. The freeness, or drainage rate (see TAPPI T 221 “Drainage Time of Pulp”), has been shown to be related to the surface…

Cobb sizing tester, PE-5676, Premier


Overview For determining the water absorbency of paper, paperboard and similar material. The water absorbency of paper (the Cobb value) is defined as the quantity of water absorbed in a given time by one side of a unit area of paper or board placed horizontally under a head of one centimetre of water Convenient spring…

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