Caustic soda (NaOH)flakes

Caustic Soda (NaOH)- Liquid and Flake

Product Name: Caustic Soda

Chemical Name: Sodium Hydroxide

Product Physical State: Liquid and Flake

Chemical Composition:

Contents/Components Units Specification
Liquid Flakes
NaOH %w/w 45 98-99
Na2CO3 %w/w 0.3 max
NaCl ppm 60 max 160 max
NaClO3 ppm 35 max
Ni ppm 1 max 5 max
Fe2O3 ppm 15 max

Physical Characteristics:

Contents/Components Units Specification Specification
Physical State Liquid Flakes
Color Colorless Colorless
Odor Colorless Colorless
Density gm/cc 1.53
Bulk Density Ton/m3 0.7-0.9
Thickness mm 0.8-1.2
Average Size cm2 0.3-1.0

Product Information:

Packaging and Mode of Delivery: a) Liquid- Tank Lorry, b) Flakes-50 kg , 25kg airtight poly woven bag.
Storage (Shelf life): Long life, keeping away from air & contamination.

Uses and Applications:

  • Dyes and pigments
  • Scoring, Bleaching & mercerizing
  • Rayon, Pulp & paper production.
  • Water treatment plants and projects.
  • Soap, detergent and surfactants.
  • Soil drilling projects.
  • Agricultural chemicals production.
  • Effluent treatment plant.
  • Pharmaceutical chemical manufacturing.
  • Laboratory analytical activities.
  • Oil industry and petroleum refining
  • Food processing industry