Centrifugal Vacuum Evaporators and Concentrators, MiniVac Alpha and MiniVac Beta


The MiniVac Alpha is a compact, economical and environmental friendly vacuum concentrator. It is an easy to use automatic system that includes timer, start stop function, vacuum pump, adjustable chamber temperature from ambient +5 to 85ºC and digital read out of vacuum down to 1 mBar.
The system is supplied complete with the maintenance-free VacSafe15 self-contained Venturi water-jet pump that collects any expelled vapors and condensates, DC drip catcher and Ice cube container unit and all connectors, hoses, clips and multi purpose Eppendorf rotor for 48 mL×1.5-2.0 mL or 76 × 0.5 mL Eppendorf tubes.
The only requirement is for the user to empty the DC of any carried over liquid and to change the water in the VacSafe 15 on a weekly basis depending on use.
The MiniVac Beta is equipped with an MZ-2.4 PTFE (Teflon) membrane pump.


  • Transparent glass lid allows you to see inside the chamber.
  • No cross-contamination and sample loss because the exhalation hole for vacuum is located on the top of the shaft
  • MiniVac Alpha includes water-jet pump, while the MiniVac Beta includes the MZ-2.4PTFE diaphragm pump
  • DC induction magnetic drive provides quiet and maintenance free operation
  • Optional PTFE coating for use with aqueous and acidic liquids
  • Has a wide variety of rotor options
  • Optional adapters for use with Heto and Savant rotors
  • Built-in controls for Timer, Start/Stop and Vacuum
Model: MiniVac Alpha MiniVac Beta
Maximum Speed: (rpm) 2,000 2,000
Temperature Range:( ºC) Ambient + 5 to 80 Ambient + 5 to 80
Temperature Setting Increment: (ºC) 0.5 0.5
Temperature Control: Microprocessor Microprocessor
Timer: Yes Yes
Motor: (Centrifugal Unit) AC Induction magnetic drive AC Induction magnetic drive
Pump: VacSafe 15 Water-Jet MZ 2.4 Teflon Diaphragm
Pump pressure at 0ºC: (mBar) 6 7
Safety: Lid Lock Lid Lock
Power: 110 – 120V, 60Hz 110 – 120V, 60Hz
Dimensions: W × D × H (mm) 380 × 450 × 310 380 × 450 × 310
Weight: (kg) 27 30