Centrifuge Tube Round Bottom Plastic 50 ml Cent Tube PP_ESMC_Polylab

Polylab Centrifuge Tube Round Bottom laboratory use, 50 ml Cent Tube PP, India
  • Brand: Polylab
  • Origin: India

Plastic/Polypropylene 50 ml Cent Tube PP Centrifuge Tube Round Bottom, Polylab, India

Polylab centrifuge tubes with round bottom are moulded in polypropylene & polycarbonate. These tubes have excellent clarity and are strong enough to be used upto 50,000xG. These tubes can be autoclaved; however, repeated autoclaving in PC tubes reduces their mechanical strength. Material Polypropylene. Supplier in Bangladesh Elite Trade BD, Elite Scientific & Meditech Co

Details for Centrifuge Tube Round Bottom 50 ml. Cent Tube PP

Code Particulars
63401 16 ml. Cent Tube PP
63402 50 ml. Cent Tube PP
63411 16 ml. Cent Tube PC
63412 50 ml. Cent Tube PC
63421 Cap for 16 ml. Cent Tube
63422 Cap for 50 ml. Cent Tube
Material: Polypropylene/Polycarbonate

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