Chlorinated paraffin wax

Chlorinated Paraffin Wax

Product Name: Chlorinated paraffin Wax

Chemical Name: Chloro-Alkane Chemical

Product Physical State: Liquid

Chemical Compositions:
Contents/Components Units Specification
Chlorine content %w/w 45-55
Free acid (mineral) as KOH mg/gm 0.1
Color Hazen 50 – 125
Volatile loss %w/w 0.6
Relative density 1.26-1.28
Thermal stability index, as HCl %w/w 0.15
Physical Characteristics:

Physical state : Deuse liquid
Color : Colorless or straw yellow

Product Information:

Production Capacity : 20 MT/Day
Technology supported by : Nuberg Engineering (pvt.) Ltd, India
Packaging & model of delivery : Plactic jar 200 kg.

Uses and application:

Principle uses are given below: 

  • As plasticizer in chlorinated rubber, PVC plastics etc.
  • Flame retardant in plastic and textiles.
  • Used in bituminous coating and sealant formulation.
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