Chlorine (Free & Total) Color Disc Test Kit- Hach, USA



This color disc test kit uses powder DPD reagent that reacts with chlorine more quickly than tablet-form DPD, giving more accurate results. Powder DPD also has a considerable advantage over orthotolidine, a hazardous substance sometimes used as a free and total chlorine test reagent. Hach Chlorine Test Kits are manufactured by Hach to ensure compliance with stringent quality control standards. Kit contains 100 tests.

*This product has not been evaluated to test for chlorine and chloramines in medical applications in the United States.

  • Quickly and accurately measures free and total chlorine levels in the field or in the lab
  • Simple and fast color disc method


Case Style:B
Method Name:Color disc/DPD
Number of tests:50 Free, 50 Total
Parameter:Chlorine, low range – as free & total Cl2
Platform :Color Disc
Range:0 – 3.4 mg/L Cl₂ Cl₂
Ship Wt. (lbs):1
Smallest Increment:0.2

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