CO2 Incubator, ICO105, 107 L, ESMC, Memmert, Germany

CO2 Incubator, ICO Series, 107 L, Memmert, Germany 
  • Model: ICO105
  • Volume: 107 L
  • Manufacturer: Memmert
  • Country of Origin: Federal Republic of Germany

ICO105 CO2 Incubator

Safety at all times: High-end functions for the protection of cell cultures, bacteria cultures or tissue cultures.


The Memmert ICO105 CO2 incubator has a capacity of 3.8 Cu Ft (108 L) with a temperature range of Ambient +5° to 50°C and comes with dual digital display controllers with programmaning. The control system of the Memmert CO2 incubator ICO is so finely tuned that the appliance reaches the setpoint temperature very quickly and without temperature overshoots. Alarm notifications to your mobile phone guarantee the safety of the chamber load, and the battery-buffered ControlCOCKPIT ensures continuous CO2 control even when there is a power failure. Ideal hygiene is a given too: rounded edges enable easy and thorough cleaning, the interior can be sterilised within 60 minutes at 180°C.

  • Stainless steel interior
  • Digital PID-microprocessor controller with 2 high-definition TFT-color displays with programmability
  • Battery-powered ControlCOCKPIT for operation during power failures
  • Built-in alarm system including phone notifications
  • Humidity Control
  • Temperature Settings: 18°C to 50°C
  • CO2level settings from 0 to 20%
  • O2level settings from 0 to 20%
  • User-friendly Interface
  • 3 year warranty
Technical Specifications:
Volume approx. 3.8 Cu Ft (107 L)
Temperature range +5°C above ambient temperature to +50°C
Setting temperature range +18°C to +50°C
Setting accuracy °C 0.1°C
Temperature fluctuations with time at +37°C ±0.1°C
Temperature variation in chamber at +37°C ±0.3°C

Humidity control

Humidity limitation thanks to a Peltier element; when water dish is full and inserted, the Peltier element limits the value of relative humidity in the interior to 93% rh ±2.5%

Humidity setting range active humidity control (with option K7) 40% to 90% and rh-Off
Humidity setting accuracy 0.5%
CO2/O2 Control Digital electronic CO2 control with dual beam NDIR system, with auto-diagnostic system and acoustic fault indication, barometric pressure compensation
CO2 Range 0% to 20%
CO2 variation in time ±0.2%
CO2 setting accuracy 0.1%
O2 range 1% to 20%
O2 setting accuracy 0.1%

TwinDISPLAY: dual TFT color touchscreens, manage data, save log files, monitor up to 32 devices online, automatic alarms emailed, archive of ramps and program sequences, real-time view of program sequences, Loops can be inserted within a temperature contol program at any place, download and manage programs via Ethernet or USB

Interfaces Ethernet and USB

Textured stainless steel, rear zinc-plated steel, TFT color display with touchscreen, heated inner glass door, fully insulated stainless steel door


Stainless steel, material 1.4301 (ASTM 304), deep-drawn, seamlessly welded

Automatic sterilisation Humidity and CO2 sensor sterilised inside the incubator
Chamber Dimensions (W x H x D) 22 x 18.9 x 15.7 inches (560 x 480 x 400 mm)
Maximum number of grids/shelves 6 (2 included)
Maximum loading per grid/shelf 33.1 lbs (15 kg)
Maximum loading of chamber 198.4 lbs (90 kg)
Exterior Dimensions (W x H x D) 28.3 x 33.5 x 23.3 inches (719 x 850 x 591 mm)
Standard works calibration certificate
(measuring point chamber center)
+37°C, 5% CO2
Sterilisation program 60 minutes at 180°C
Electrical 115 V, 50/60 Hz, 1,300 Watts (230 V available)
Net weight approx. 165.3 lbs (75 kg)
Gross weight (packed in carton) approx. 220.5 lbs (100 kg)
Shipping Dimensions (W x H x D) 31.5 x 40.6 x 31.5 inches (800 x 1030 x 800 mm)

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CO2 Incubator, ICO105, 107 L
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