Concentrator, NB-504CIR, ESMC, Humanlab, Korea

Concentrator, NB-504CIR, Humanlab, Korea


  • No dew condensation on the inner glass lid can observe inside without disturbance of operation
  • Plate DC motor provides low noise and no vibration
  • Inhalation & exhalation proceed through the middle hole of chamber for reduced contamination


Model NB-504CIR
Chamber Max.250mlx4ea or 1.5mlx58ea
Chamber (mm) 340Dx200L
Speed range 1700/2000rpm
Temp. range +4 to 70°C
Vacuum range Diaphram/2mBar+Analog gage
Cold trap Built-in
Timer 0 to 48hr
Lid IR Emitting
Heat IP lid heat
Material Stainless steel+ Expoxy coated steel plate
Control & display Microprocessor PID control & digital LED display
Electric power 110/220VAC, 50/60Hz
Overall(WxDxH) 550x600x900mm
Weight 60 Kg
Supplier Elite Scientific & Meditech Co.
For more info www.elitetradebd.com

Accessories: 1. Rotor

  1. 5mlx58ea
  2. 10ml (13-50DX150L)x30ea
  3. 50ml(28Dx120L)x16ea
  4. 250ml (65Dx100L)x4ea

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Concentrator, NB Series
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