Concrete Cylinder Capping, 4″ inches, ASTM Grade, Elite, Bangladesh


Concrete Cylinder Capping 4 inches in Bangladesh

  • Size: 4″ inches
  • Material: MS
  • Grade: ASTM
  • Elite Brand
  • Made in Bangladesh


Concrete Cylinder Capping 4″ inches in Bangladesh

To properly put this vital procedure into practice, you’ll need the best equipment for the job. Keep reading to find out the methods of capping concrete and the benefits they offer.

Concrete Capping Methods & Equipment Needed
When looking to perform a compressive strength test on your concrete capping procedure, it’s essential to understand the two most popular options for preparing the cylinder ends. Proper preparation of your cylinder ends for concrete capping ensures they have smooth, parallel bearing surfaces to provide a uniform distribution of forces during testing. The two methods of capping concrete used most frequently are sulfur capping and neoprene pad capping.


  • Rugged alloy steel construction
  • Corrosion-resistant plating inside and out
  • Plane bearing surfaces
  • Meet ASTM and AASHTO requirements
  • Images are reference only. Actual product may be different.

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