Crude fat meter



Based on principles of Soxhlet extraction to determine the content of fat with the method of weight determination. That is make the fat soluble in organic solvents, with the solvent extraction method to separate the fat, and then dries, weighs to calculate the fat content.

The JK-CFD-6A crude fat determinator has a reasonable design, stable performance, high precision, effort-saving and time-saving operation, the measurement result conforms to the national standards, each target and performance all reach the requirement of similar import product. The JK-CFD-6A crude fat determinator is an ideal equipment of measuring fat for food, fat, feed and so on.


Power (W) 800
Hot work way Water bath
Temperature range (°C) RT-100 °C
Measurement range 0.5% – 60%
All kind of fat products whose oleaginousness 0.5%-60%
Sample six
Solvent recovery Automatic
Overall dimension (mm) 570 x 400 x 700
Weight 55kg
Packing size (cm) 50 x 87 x 82


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