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Cryo Cube Box _ESMC, Tarsons

Cryo Cube Box, Tarsons, India
  • Brand: Tarsons
  • Origin: India

Cryo Cube Box for Laboratory use

Efficient storage up to temperatures of -90°C, and compatible with a variety of tubes and vials. The cryo cube boxes fit into a variety of Freezer racks, making them versatile. Lock prevents lid opening in storage. Both Micro centrifuge tubes and Cryo vials can be accomodated. Material: PP Autoclavable. Best seller & Supplier in Bangladesh Elite Trade BD, Elite Scientific & Meditech Co.

Details about Cryo Cane

Code Places Capacity mL
202060 50 1.8
202070 100 1.8
212060 81 1.8

Available in Natural, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Green, Black

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