150 liter Culture Chamber CC series

$330,000.00 – $428,000.00


Optimized for plant tissue culture, light stability, heat and light sensitive
micro culture, other application for low temperature researches
10 steps program set for various temp. condition with timer.
Plant tissue culture illumination control with 24 hour timer
Inner glass window for easy observation
Low noise, high efficiency refrigerator installed


Model   CC-150 CC-250 CC-420
Capacity   150 liter 250 liter 420 liter
Chamber (WxBxH) 500x500x600 500x500x1000 700x600x1000
Temp. range   -5 to +60°C +1·C at 25·C  
Material   Stainless steel + Powder coated steel plate
Heater   Sheathed heater    
Illumination   4 x FL20W 4 x FL40W 5 x FL40W
Refrigerator   1/4 Hp 1/3 Hp 1/2 Hp
Control & display Digital PID control & LCD display  
Safety device Low temp. limiter, over current breaker
Power source 220VAC,50/60Hz    
Overall (WxDxH) 665x765x600 665x765x1590 865x865x1590
Weight (Kg) 135 185 265


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