Real-time DA 7440™ On-line NIR


The DA 7440™ is an advanced, modern and versatile on-line NIR sensor for over-the-belt type measurements. It performs real-time multi-constituent measurements of a product on a processing line providing information for process control and quality monitoring.

Continuous process monitoring helps users to increase efficiency and reduce scrap and re-work while improving product consistency and quality. The instrument performs simultaneous measurement of parameters such as moisture, fat, sugars, protein, starch, fiber and many others. The core diode array technology provides many benefits including durability, stability, accurate measurement of moving products and the ability to track process changes.

Features and benefits
Continuous measurement

Use instrument results for automatic or manual process control.

Real-time result updates

Reduce time for grade changes, reduce waste and re-workby knowing what you produce in real time.

Process optimization

Reduce product variability and optimize production targets whilestaying within product specifications.

Production Log

Track and document measurement results throughout the entire production run.


Industry standard open communication protocol enables remote access andtrue information integration with existing plant systems.

Track process changes accurately

The DA 7440™ uses high speed diode array technology coupled with full-spectrum calibrations and requires little or no adjustment at product change-overs or start-up.

Superior up-time and stability

The DA 7440™ uses no moving optical components and is housed in an ingress protected housing requiring little maintenance.


The flexibility of the DA 7440™ On-line NIR sensor makes it suitable for a wide range of applications.


Analyze moisture, fat, and seasonings during snack-food production to optimize frying and monitor quality prior to packaging.


A wide variety of food products – potatoes, cookies, crackers, pasta – can be analyzed forparameters such as moisture, fat, temperature and others. The measurements are used to control processes such as frying, drying and freezing.


Determine moisture, nicotine and sugars in real-time in leaves as well as processed tobacco. Stable moisture readings with no need for adjustments when you switch to producing a new blend.

Wood based panels  & composite boards

Fast and accurate measurements for wood-based product manufacturers including resin load, moisture and more.


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