Decolorization shaker DS series


#DS series decolorization shaker


DS decolorization shaker adopts digital display, DC motor, microcomputer control speed with power recovery, fault self-diagnosis.

DS decolorization shaker is wide used for exoeriments that samples need shaking in aqueous solution, fixed electrophoresis gel separation band, shaking while coomassie blue staining and decoloring, silver nitrate staining fixed, dyeing, enhancement


  • LED digital display can show the setting parameters directly.
  • The instrument adopt dc motor, use microcomputer to control speed, to achieve high accuracy, and not
  • affected by voltage fluctuations.
  • The instrument is designed with low speed start, avoiding sudden high speed may cause liquid spilt.
  • The instrument can automatically operate according to the original settings after power get normal from
  • sudden cut off.
  • The instrument can realize fault self-diagnosis by sound and light to prompt the fault location.
  • Each parameter value can be modified in real time under running state.
  • When overloaded, the instrument will automatically stop, ensuring the life and safety of the instrument.
  • Wide voltage range, can be used in the range of AC90-260v


Model DS-O200 DS-O300 DS-L200 DS-L300 DS-R200 DS-R300 DS-W200 DS-W200
Shaking mode Orbital/Convolution Liner/reciprocation Rocking Waving/three dimensional
Control Microcomputer PID control
Display LED digital display
Amplitude Φ30 30mm 25mm 3-15° (manual)
Frequency (rpm/min) 15-240 15-240 15-90 15-90
Sensitivity (rpm) 2
Timmer 0-99 hours 59 minutes
Tray size (mm) 250×230 320×265 250×230 320×265 250×230 320×265 250×230 320×265
Tray number 1
Overall size (mm) 270x295x160 330x480x160 270x295x160 330x480x160 270x295x170 330x480x220 270x295x170 330x480x180
Power 30W
Power supply AC 90-260V, 50-60 Hz
Ambient temperature -10°C -60°C
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