Deionizing Water System

$399,000.00 – $570,000.00


This unit designed for the production of high purity deionized water for use as such or for further purification to ultrapure water,

and the standard version is available with or without UV sterilizer

The display key pad unit completely new design for clear readability and maximum user convenience display

Typical applications;

  1. Rinsing of glassware
  2. Preparing of diluting buffers, reagents and tissue culture media
  3. Preparing samples for analytical methods such as flame AAS


Model WDI-15 WDI-30 WDI-45
Production rate 151iter/hr 30liter/hr 45liter/hr
Conductivity 0.067 – 0.1 (us/em) 118.2 MQ-cm
Feed water Tap water + Booster pump
Filter system Prefilter, Active carbon filter, RO membrane
HP Pack ( Ion Exchange)
TOC value 30 ppb
Bacteria 1 cfu/ml
Control display M/processor digital display
Functions Power,StartlStop,Service mode, Set value
Power source 220VAC,50/60Hz
Overall (WxDxH) 500x400x580mm
Weight (Kg) 28
Options : 1) UV sterilizer (TOC < 5 -10 ppb)

2) UV sterilizer + Ultra fine filter (TOC. 2- 5 ppb)

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