Densimeter, BK-DME300L



Any type of liquid.

Measurement of special liquid such as volatile liquid, corrosive liquid, strong acid and strong alkali liquid need optional accessory DE-20B anti corrosive liquid measuring assembly.


* LCD Display.

* Samples under the temperature from normal to 100℃ can be measured.

* RS-232C included.


Model BK-DME300L
Capacity 0.005~300g
Density Resolution 0.001 g/cm3
Density Range 0.001~99.999g/cm3
Measuring Time About 5 s
Measuring Principle Archimedes principle displacement method
Weight Value Data Storage 1 group
Specific Gravity

Measuring Frame

Stainless steel specific gravity measuring frame
Calibration Mode Auto correction, auto detection
Result Testing Method Distilled water testing
Standard Accessories Measuring plate, tweezer, thermometer,100Gweight, windshield, measuring frame, power transformer, DE-20Astandard liquid measuring assembly

(Components of DE-20A standard liquid measuring assembly :

Two stainless steel pothooks, one normal glass weight, one normal stainless steel weight, two beakers)

Optional Accessories DE-40 printer, DE-20B anti corrosive liquid measuring assembly
Power Supply AC 110/220V , 50/60HZ
Package Size(W*D*H)mm 450*200*360
Gross Weight(kg) 4.5