Dental Autoclave BADT-101, ESMC, Biolab, Canada


Dental Autoclave BADT-101, Biolab, Canada

  • Series: 100
  • Model: BADT-101, BADT-102, BADT-103, BADT-104
  • Brand: Biolab
  • Origin: Canada
  • Manufacturer: Biolab Scientific

Unique traceability system identifies load in different clinical and medical grade applications. Effectively sterilizes miscellaneous solid, hollow or porous (wrapped/unwrapped) materials and meets the requirement of today’s demanding clinical environment. Automatic sterilization along with safety operating features and drying function makes it a perfect solution for effective and rapid steam sterilization. Innovated to comply with international standards, reliable solution for sterilization needs of reusable equipments.

  • Pre and Post Vacuum Sterilizer
  • LED Display
  • High density bacteria filter
  • 5 Preset Sterilization Cycles


Medical, Dental, Laboratory, Pharmaceutical, Research


  • Pre and Post Vacuum Sterilizer
  • LED Display
  • High density bacteria filter
  • 5 Preset Sterilization Cycles
  • Filtered water can also be used
  • Prion programme available
  • Printer: Thermal/Stylus
  • Interface: RS232
  • Vacuum Helix and Bowie & Dick test passed
  • ISO & CE 1366 Certified
  • Safety functions: Over heat, over pressure, low water level indicator, safety door lock system present


Capacity 8 L
Sterilization Temperature 121°C, 134°C
Sterilization Time 0-60 min
Times of Sterilization after filled up 3-4 times
Working Pressure 0.21 – 0.23 MPa
Pressure Sensor Yes
Precision of Pressure Sensor 0.1 KPA
Precision of Temperature Sensor 0.1°C
Maximum Vacuum in Bar 0.82
Water supply system Manual
Quantity of clean water tank 1
Quantity of waste water tank 1
Water drain pipe 1
Quantity of water pump 1
Water Tank 2 x 1.5L Internal Stainless Steel water tanks
Quantity of steam generator 1
Quantity of vacuum pump 1
Type of vacuum pump Double head
Water Filter 1
Vapour Filter Yes
Temperature Sensor Yes
Automatic protection when overpressure Yes
Automatic protection when over temperature Yes
Bacteria Filter 1
Fuse 2
Lock system of door Mechanic + Electrical lockers
Screen size 2.5 x 2cm, 3.8x 2 cm
Life span 5 years
Hot air exhaust system Copper condenser, fan
121°C Solid Yes
121°C Porous Yes
121°C Hollow Yes
134°C Solid Yes
134°C Porous Yes
134°C Hollow Yes
B&D Test Yes
Helix Test No
Vacuum Test Yes
Clean Program No
Prion Program No
User Define No
Chamber Dimension 500×1000 mm
Diameter of chamber 170 mm
Depth of chamber 320 mm
Inner Dimension 535 X 365 X 320 mm
Overall Dimension (LxWxH) 1000x600x1200 mm
Minimum size of table for installation 350 X 280 mm
Weight 34/40 kg
Power 7500 W
Power Supply 220 V, 60Hz

Optional Accessories

Accessory Code Name Unit
1700606006 Ring 1
1700606007 Inner temperature sensor 1
1700606008 pt1000 1
1700606009 pt1000 (packing with plastic) 1
1700606010 Heating circle 1
1700606011 Steam generator cover 1Set
1700606012 Steam generator stand 1Set
1700606013 Steam generator spring type gasket 1
1700606014 Heating Rod 3
1700606015 Water Pump 1
1700606016 Vacuum Pump 1
1700606017 Fuse Wire 2
1700606018 Normally closed solenoid valve 3
1700606019 Three-way solenoid valve 2
1700606020 Germ-tight filter 1
1700606021 Voltage transformer 1
1700606022 switch 1
1700606023 Bleeder valve 2
1700606024 Fan 1
1700606025 Printer 1
1700606026 Control panel 1set
1700606027 LED 1set
1700606028 Big Pipe 1Kg
1700606029 Small Pipe 1kg
1700606030 Liquid sensor 3
1700606031 Electromagnet 1

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Dental Autoclave BADT-101, Biolab, Canada

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