Examination Hand Gloves Powdered 100 Pcs, ESMC, Comfit, Malaysia

Comfit Powdered Examination Hand Gloves, Malaysia
  • Brand: Comfit
  • Made in Malaysia
  • Size: Large (8-9 Inch)
  • Brand: Comfit
  • Pack: 100 Pcs/Box

Description for Comfit Examination Hand Gloves

  • NR Latex
  • Non-Sterile
  • Powdered Gloves
  • Large Size: 8-9 Inch
  • Latex Examination Gloves
  • Comfit Powdered Hand Gloves

COMFIT Surgical Gloves are designed to meet and surpass the requirements of all international standards for powdered surgical gloves.

The gloves are formulated with high-quality natural rubber latex which ensures high tensile strength is achieved. Manufactured with an anatomically correct ergonomic design, COMFIT Premium Surgical Gloves offer superior dexterity with enhanced comfort and flexibility.

With features such as a reinforced cuff, size printing, and low protein levels, COMFIT® Premium Surgical Gloves will meet the needs of today’s healthcare professionals.

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