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Dial Geotester Pocket Penetrometer



The Dial Geotester Pocket Penetrometer Kit is ideal for on-site measurement of soil strength. It gives estimated unconfined compressive strength directly in tsf or kg/cm2 when used with the standard 1/4in dia. plunger. In addition, readings with four other plungers of 10, 15, 20 and 25mm dia. give strengths over a range of cohesive soil types.

The plunger is pressed into the soil to the calibration notch. The maximum value is retained on the dial until released by a push button. Inner dial scale is 0-6.0 x 0.1 divisions in tsf or kg/cm2. Outer scale gives shear strength over 0-11kg range x 0.1kg divisions, and this reading is used with charts provided to estimate bearing pressures depending on plunger used and soil type.

The Dial Pocket Penetrometer has large 2.5in (63mm) dial and sturdy noncorrosive construction. Dial is user-calibrated using register plates provided and any reliable scale of 10-15lb capacity. Penetrometer is complete with stainless steel Plungers in carrying case with instructions, Data Tables, and Register Plates.

Net Wt. is 13oz (369g); length is 5.4in (138mm).