Differential Blood Cell Counter, DBC-2 / DBC-6 / DBC-9, ESMC, Digisystem, Taiwan

Blood Cell Counter, DBC-2 / DBC-6 / DBC-9, Digisystem, Taiwan

Differential Blood Cell Counter is used in hematology to classify and count white blood cells.

  • Model: DBC-2 / DBC-6 / DBC-9
  • Brand: Digisystem
  • Origin: Taiwan

DIGISYSTEM is the leading differential blood cell counter manufacturer to offer customers the best quality and service for our automatic cell counters. Our aggressive product development and customization ability and production process ensure quality, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness for our customers all over the world.
We do insist on producing the products with quality control and do our best to satisfy the demands of our customers. DIGISYSTEM is a professional differential blood cell counter manufacturer. Our various automatic cell counters have been provided to world since 1971.

Features for Differential Blood Cell Counter

  • ABS outer shell can resist collision.
  • Color charts of white blood cells are supplied. (DBC-6, DBC-9)
  • At one hundred increment of the total record, the bell sound “Don” will be heard. (DBC-6, DBC-9)
  • Differential Blood Cell Counter with a reset knob can easily clear all the figures.
  • Quality certification: ISO 9001, ISO 13485

Technical Specifications

Model DBC-2 DBC-6 DBC-9
Number of Keys 2 5 8
Totalizer No Yes Yes
Figure range 0~999 0~999 0~999
Dimension (mm)
100×80×50 250×80×50 320×80×50

Images are reference only. Actual product may be different.

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DBC Series Differential Blood Cell Counter, Digisystem, Taiwan
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