Digital Cement Compressive Strength Concrete Testing Machine, YES-2000KN, Accro Tech, ESMC, Bangladesh


Digital Cement Compressive Strength Concrete Testing

  • Brand: Accro Tech
  • Model: YES-2000
  • Origin: China


Concrete Strength Testing Machine
Tension testing space: 750 mm-900 mm
Compression testing space: 650 mm-800 mm
Max piston stroke: 250 mm
Power Supply: 380 V/220 V /- 10%, 50/60 Hz

Concrete Strength Testing Machine includes specimen casting moulds in a number of standard sizes for determining the compression and flexural strength of concrete. The designs of moulds are such that during dismantling and re-assembly, these strength testing moulds includes cube moulds, beam moulds and cylindrical moulds that attain accuracy of alignment.

All these Cube Moulds, Cylindrical Moulds and Beam Moulds of various sizes are offered as below
Cube Mould:
Four standard sizes of cube moulds are offered and supplied complete with base plate.

Images are reference only. Actual product may be different.

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