Digital online COD analyzer, CODS-3000


#Digital online cod analyzer, CODS-3000


Measuring Principle    
The BOQU CODS-3000 online COD Meter use UV principle COD Sensor,the UV COD Sensor is based on the absorption of ultraviolet light by organic matter, and uses the 254 nm spectral absorption coefficient SAC254 to reflect the important measurement parameters of soluble organic matter content in water, and can be converted into COD value under certain conditions. This method allows for continuous monitoring without the need for any reagents.
1)Continuous monitoring of organic matter load in the sewage treatment process
2)0n-line real-time monitoring of  influent and outflow water of the wastewater treatment
3)Application:surface water, industrial discharge water, and fishery discharge water etc

Technical Parameters

Product CODS-3000 Online COD Meter
Measuring range 0-200mg, 0~1000mg/l COD (2mm optical path)
Accuracy Accuracy: ±5%
Communication RS485 Modbus RTU
Power AC:AC220V, 50HZ,DC:DC24V
Output 2 ways of 4-20mA
Communication RS485 Modbus RTU
Relays 3 ways of relay
Working temperature -15 to 60℃
Protection COD transmitter IP65, COD Sensor IP68
Length of Cable Standard 10-meter long cable, which can be extended to 100 meters

Main Features

The Digital Online COD Sensor is directly output RS485 signal

No chemical reagents, no secondary pollution

Quickly response time and precision for COD continuous measurement.

With automatic cleaning function and few-maintenance

Directly immersion COD measurement without sampling and pre-processing

Real-time data transmission allows you to get timely and accurate data on monitoring water